Used Bikes For Sale In Chicago

Huge Selection of New and Used Bicycles Available

14-Point Inspection

We have a huge selection of new and used bicycles available! Here, you can view all the bikes we have in stock! Every used bicycle sold by 3rd Coast Cycles goes through our 14-Point Inspection to ensure that your bicycle is in tip-top shape from the get-go! We offer bicycles for sale in Chicago both used and new.

Buying From Us:

  • The best time to view our full inventory is on most weekends, unless you call ahead and speak directly with someone regarding your needs.
  • All bikes are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis unless a deposit is made with specification arranged at 3rd Coast Cycles or with Marc.
  • If you would like to buy a bike, then please contact us directly, as our selection and inventory changes quickly.
  • Bike sales come with a two-year tune-up warranty, unless otherwise noted at the time of sale.
  • Please take note of the shop hours when planning any visit to view our stock of bikes, as bicycles have to be taken out of the shop and are many are put back inside beginning at least an hour before closing.

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We’re Happy to Answer Your Questions!

We’re Happy to Answer Your Questions!